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Software Engineer / Community Builder / Open Source Enthusiast

About Me

Hello and welcome to my website!

Technology is something I have always been fascinated about and being in the field for 3 years has been amazing. Through my work and dedication, I have gained some valuable skills as a software engineer, tech blogger and community manager which I share in my blogs. My main goal is to use technology to improve the standards of living of my community and Africa on a larger scale.

When I am not coding, you can find me reading, watching a fun movie or exercising 🙂

Go-Groups Ltd

2 years
Community Manager, GNOME Africa Community
4 months
GNOME Outreachy Intern
4 months


High School


NWR – Cameroon
Government Bilingual High School Down Town, Bamenda



University of Buea


Career Story

Growing up, Nasah always had an extra interest in technology, especially computers and how they basically functioned. Subsequently, she decided to turn this interest into a career as she enrolled in a software engineering program at the University. After graduation, she actively got involved in open source and landed an Outreachy internship with the GNOME Foundation. These months were filled with exploring a new world of technology after which she was offered a full time job as a software developer with Go-Groups Ltd. She currently works there, building and delivering software solutions while contributing to open source in her free time.